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Discuss Gray Dog Software games, websites, research and everything you need.
After a while, accompanied by the participation of newcomers like Cecilia Webster, you will be able to discuss programs not just for android or other device; soon you will start discussing games for Sony Playstation, where you will discover the secret of one of the most significant studios.
Working in the R&D department is becoming one of the most interesting development paths. When you have discussions about games, you can discuss your own assumptions, considerations, ideas.
Source: Talent Watch, Warriors section.
Contacts and working groups
You cannot know for sure which team members are present on the forum. It could have been a decision made by a group from above, or it could have been a decision shared by a large group of people and sent you a message. You can also get to know someone and ask what's going on, but especially don't rush into a decision. Over time, you will find that many wonderful people have gathered on your team.
When you meet people on the forum, ask them the question: What do you know about? For example: "What do you think about the introduction of a mobile version of the iPhone?" They will never be able to tell you everything, but you will be able to find out the details that you may find useful.
Don't think that you can go back to research and develop a new direction. No, it's not. When you see something new, use the resources of the department and study it.
Some people have a good enthusiasm for what their group is doing. But they have no theoretical knowledge. And they need someone to clearly and clearly explain what they are doing.
Put some of the information on the blog to share it.
Find a "host" to help you start your campaign. Of course, people can ask questions, but "hobby" by name is not something easy. Some of them say, "I don't think I want to be a game developer." And that's okay. But you are not one of those people. There are many great developers that you can get information about from the group.
Detailed summary of your group in the blog.Fill in the information about the activities of the group with summary data.
informal discussions.
Many developers use the forum for "formal" discussions when necessary. This allows them to communicate with each other, but first you need to find out how active the group members are. You can chat with them and discuss f02ee7bd2b